Friday, February 5, 2010

further clarification on lines of flight

“Lines of flight are creative and liberatory escapes from the standardization, oppression, and stratification of society. Lines of flight, big or small, are available to us at any time and can lead in any direction. They are instances of thinking and acting ‘outside of the box’, with a greater understanding of what the box is, how it works, and how we can break it open and perhaps transform it for the better.” – Josh Lerner

“Withdraw allegiance from the old categories of the Negative (law, limit, castration, lack, lacuna), which the Western thought has so long held sacred as a form of power and an access to reality. Prefer what is positive and multiple, difference over uniformity, flows over unities, mobile arrangements over systems. Believe that what is productive is not sedentary but nomadic.” – Michel Foucault

“Find your black holes and white walls, know them, know your faces; it is the only way you will be able to dismantle them and draw your lines of flight.” – Deleuze and Guattari

What does this have to do with loss/ grief/ disaster/ the lowest point? These are instances that rip apart our idea of normalcy and present us with an opportunity for insight and action that we cannot ignore.

When something is lost, it means something can be found.

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